The 2018 #InFringeFest Shows

What #InFringe2018 has on offer!
November 7 – 11
Downriver New Orleans.


[Pricing at BYOVs varies, see links below.]


Interactive Shows / BYOVs

Overheard at Joe’s/New Orleans
Vatican Lokey with Dutch American Entertainment

An international fringe hit, with the entire audience celebrating the 100th anniversary of Joe’s, and the birthday of its founder Josephine.

WED 7:00, THU 7:00, FRI 7:00, SAT 7:00, SUN 7:00,
Shakesbeer: Romeo & Juliet
Goat in the Road

Director Mark Routhier adapts the world’s most famous love story into a 35-minute, 3-character drinking game.

THU 7:00, THU 9:00, FRI 7:00, FRI 9:00, SAT 7:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 7:00,


I Am Only Here for the Snacks: A Political Comedy
Rochelle the Comic

Three women make their points after a pleasant party is ruined by some jerk bringing up politics.

SAT 9:00, SUN 7:00,
The MOMologues
Margeaux Fanning

A compilation of monologues about dear ole Mom. Joyful, inspiring, poignant.

WED 7:00, THU 7:00, SUN 7:00,
Nkechi Chibueze

34 and never been kissed? Kechi plans to be become a super-virgin, with Zumba as one of her spirit animals.

SAT 9:00, SUN 7:00,
Shakespeare Teevee
Robert Alan Mitchell, NonProphets South

Classic episodes gets that iambic pentameter jolt, from the folks who brought you Pulp Shakespeare and Montana: A Shakespearean Scarface.

WED 7:00, THU 9:00, SAT 7:00,


Curie Me Away!
Sadie Bowman and Matheatre (from Minneapolis)

The radical story of the pioneer Madame Curie. A radioactive musical.

THU 7:00, SAT 7:00, SUN 7:00,
Ghost of a Chance
Taylor Ott, directed by Danielle Small, Below Sea Level

Gabe died tragically before his first date with Sam. Now he may be a ghost, or he may be a hallucination.

WED 7:00, FRI 7:00, SUN 7:00,
Rose Petals and Ashes
Bill Berry (from Glendale CA)

Baseball, cockfighting, Russian soldiers, alcoholism & addiction, murder attempted & actual, three nuns, two crows, one guitar…and redemption. 10 original songs.

THU 7:00, FRI 9:00, SUN 5:00,

Burlesque & Cabaret

Loose Hellfire
Lefty Lucy & Tsarina Hellfire

Semi-scripted variety show in the style of Dean Martin, by the Carol & Julie of punk vaudeville. With special guests!

FRI 9:00, SAT 11:00,
A Pirate Revenge Salon
Stanley Roy

Pirate Jenny returns in frills, chills, blood & glitter.

THU 7:00, FRI 11:00,
Cacotopia: A burlesque love letter to prophets
Honey Tangerine

Adventurous burlesque numbers based on famed works of speculative fiction & prophetic literature.

SAT 7:00, SAT 9:00,
MOVED: Poetry Inspired by Burlesque
Picolla Tushy Presents the Bluestockings

The routines come first, as local poets create new work based on these burlesque inspirations.

THU 9:00, SUN 7:00,
The Vincent Vile Show: Sell Out
Alexander Cardosi

Post-Apocalyptic musical about a shut-in Mad Scientist who plays with puppets. In this episode Vincent sells his show to evil corporation Visney.

FRI 9:00, FRI 11:00,
Tales from the Singeasy Speakeasy
Ed Demirer and the Hummingbirds

After the Godmother dies, every lowlife in town wants a piece of her will. Too bad the Boss calls a meeting on the same night as the big Barbershop quartet show.

FRI 7:00, SAT 11:00,
Twin Peeks: A Black Lodge vs White Lodge Burlesque
Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls

A burlesque interpretation of the cult classic. Lynch and Fellini birth a baby in tassels.

SAT 11:00, SUN 5:00,


Operation #1: Living Without Memories
Glenna Broderick and the Circus Intelligence Agency

A new tenant discovers squatters from another dimension. “In walls of tissue and windows of twine/Three spirits collide in broken time.”

WED 9:00, THU 7:00, SAT 7:00,
The ScabiestheClown Show
Brian J Lilly

A silent straightjacket escape act. Opening for Flutterbug.

WED 9:00, FRI 7:00, SAT 5:00, SUN 9:00,


Doctor Tanzler and the Girl Whose Name Was Miracle
Mudlark Puppeteers

An aging doctor, haunted by a raven-haired beauty, finds true love in one young patient. Although his skills couldn’t save her, his dedication to her body would prove one of most movingly macabre stories in Gulf Coast history.

WED 7:00, THU 9:00, FRI 9:00, SAT 9:00,
Surrealist Puppet Dinner Party

Experimental clown puppet ritual gone wondrously wrong.

WED 9:00, FRI 7:00, SAT 5:00, SUN 9:00,

Solo Performance

A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch
Celeste Cahn

Growing up under, and then out from, the shadow of the perfect Disney princess. Cooties are involved. Note: Wednesday’s performance is relocted to Marcer Manor 1000 North Rampart for 7:45pm

WED 7:00, FRI 11:00, SAT 7:00,
Adult Tea Party
Mason Joiner

Invisible liquor is drunk with tiny stuffed animals. A new monologue by the playwright of Sycorax and Executrix.

WED 7:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 9:00,
The Devil on the Wall, or That Time I Got Kidnapped
Jamie Campbell (from Kansas City)

Award-winning seriocomic storytelling, about a childhood in danger. Note: Thursday’s performance at GrandPre’s is relocated to Marcer Manor 1000 North Rampart for 7pm

THU 7:00, FRI 9:00, SUN 5:00,
Get a Smaller Glass
Joseph Furnari, Foolz Paradise

Intimate chat with ukulele, on the road to contentment.

THU 9:00, FRI 7:00, SAT 5:00,
I Think I’m Dead
Al Lafrance (from Montreal)

Insomnia, the multiverse, breakdowns of all sorts. Storytelling at a manic pace.

THU 9:00, FRI 11:00, SUN 3:00,
The Ins and Outs of Fingers, Spoons, and an Open Marriage
Pascale Roger (from San Francisco)

Acclaimed solo:A mid-40s wife & mother who must confront sexual liberation, unrequited love, and self-sacrifice before its too late.

THU 9:00, FRI 7:00, SUN 3:00,
Jeremy Motz (from Minneapolis)

Ted “Critter” Montana will teach YOU how to survive: No guns, no karate, just knives! NOTE – at MARCER on Saturday only

FRI 7:00, SAT 7:00, SUN 9:00,
The Private Secret Life of Agnes
Agnes de Garron

The Legend of the Year returns! Sister Hysterectoria, lost in the clouds of his dance painting “Discus Thrower with Tulle”.

WED 7:00, FRI 9:00, SUN 9:00,
The Shadow Merchant
Ratty Scurvics

Being a tale of the five orphaned August brothers, suicidal unicorns and, yes, wizardry.

WED 7:00, THU 7:00, SUN 7:00,
The Southern Decadent
Kathleen Conlon

Stories of the French Quarter in the 80s, through a glass intimate.

THU 7:00, SUN 9:00,
Southern Jack: A Profession for the Privileged
Dale Buckley

Comic monologue, by a working-class writer-actor rising through the ranks of society. NoteWednesday’s performance of Southern Jack at The Garret has been cancelled

SAT 7:00, SUN 7:00,
This Is Not a Test
Amy Woodruff

A forest ranger’s lessons about the wilderness begin to unravel when she must decipher disturbing events happening on her watch. Pilot for a horror/scifi web series.

THU 7:00, SAT 7:00, SUN 5:00,
TRIGGER WARNING: The Play About the Baby or KNOCK ME UP: The Last Time He Hit Me
Diana E.H. Shortes

Loss, Grief, Violence, Rage, Addiction and one woman’s stalwart journey toward Healing. With music.

WED 7:00, FRI 7:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 9:00,


Human Troubles
Mariana Santiago

A young woman committed to a psych ward develops important relationships as she tries to track down a petty thief among them.

FRI 9:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 9:00,
Make Your Pet a Celebrity and Four Short Plays
Sara Jacobelli

A 430-word one-sentence rant by a laid-off guy trying out a get-rich-quick scheme, and more short comedy-dramas.

WED 9:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 5:00,
Sex Partners in Crime
Jon Broder and Rockfire

Hunky hitman meets thieving twunk, in this new dark rom-com. Adult language and situations.

THU 9:00, SAT 11:00, SUN 9:00,
Take Down the Letters
Sue Schleifer (from Lafayette)

Finally ready to clean out her husband’s closet, widow Lynne finds a box of letters that launches her and her mom on a journey back to the ‘70s, where they meet Starshine.

SAT 5:00, SUN 7:00,
Wow Wee 2! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot
IRTE (from NYC)

Meet the Trumans, America’s favorite sitcom family, and their mechanical moppet Andie the Android, ans they face the End of the World.

FRI 11:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 5:00,

Performance Art

Aggressively Vulnerable Choreographed
Jonathan Brown, choreographer Rachel Miller

A dance adaptation of New Orleans-style beat poetry, rap, and storytelling.

SAT 7:00, SUN 7:00,
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Cara Harker (from Jonesborough)

Physical theatre exploring the modern preposterous, with resilience and soundbites.

WED 9:00, THU 9:00, SAT 5:00,
If you’re not a myth, whose reality are you?
Tim Adams & Maria Sandhammer

A dreamlike relationship between a mother goddess and her born son is explored in movement and dialogue.

WED 7:00, FRI 9:00, SUN 7:00,
Erik Bosse & Laurie Dietrich

Enhanced storytelling with photos & soundscapes, a fast live radio show by “masterful storytellers.” [NPR]

FRI 11:00, SAT 9:00, SUN 5:00, SUN 9:00,
Michelle Embree & LadyBabyMiss

Mercury’s heroic journey completes a trilogy combining queer-teen scifi, historical realism, and the magical present. With transcendental music too.

WED 9:00, FRI 9:00, SAT 7:00,

Children's Theatre

The Bouncy Cats
The Bouncy Cats

Crafting & singing! Make instruments, then make music. NOTE: SHOWTIME 2:30

SUN 3:00,
Comedy Uprising Kidzzz
Comedy Uprising Kidzzz

The cool kids of Uprising write & perform their own variety show, about what’s funny in their own lives. NOTE: SHOWTIME 6PM

SAT 5:00,
Cosmic Story Time with Ms Cara and Rocket Science Ryan
Cara Zajac & Ryan Starbloak

Swim with sharks, wiggle with earthworms, discover a huge drown bear. Full-body playtime. NOTE: SHOWTIME 2:30

SAT 3:00,
Dear World
Joannie Hughes and Layaya

Real letters to the world, by and from children.

SAT 1:00,
Goat in the Schools
Goat in the Road

Play/Write student plays performed by professionals, about alien frenemies, a video-obsessed grandma, a sleepy dad, and an epic crime drama. NOTE: SHOWTIME 4:00

SUN 3:00,
Here Come the BabyDollLadies
Millisia White's New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies

An entertaining historic tour of Mardi Gras masking, music, and dance. NOTE: SHOWTIME 4:00

SAT 3:00,
Stories to Bring Friends Near
Adella Adella the Storyteller and Amber Zu the Conductor

Enchanting folklore in story and song, by one of our town’s best storytellers.

SUN 1:00,