InFringe Fest General Auditions October 7th

October 7th, Noon @ Mudlark

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At least six local producer/directors of shows in the 2018 Infringe Fest New Orleans seek actors – all ages, types, backgrounds – for their productions. The Fest takes place November 7 – 11.

Note: THIS EVENT WILL BE UPDATED OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS WITH THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF THE VARIOUS SHOWS, AS WELL AS WITH THEIR DIRECTORS’ CONTACT INFORMATION. Clove ProductionsAND The Mudlark Public Theatre Cabaret provide these general auditions as a courtesy to the shows and to actors, but REHEARSAL SCHEDULES, REQUIREMENTS, AND COMPENSATION VARY FROM SHOW TO SHOW. InFringe Fest accepts no responsibility for the arrangements you make with participating productions.
Reserved time slots can be requested at That’s the email for resumes, too.
Mimi Ayers, “CIRCUS TALES”
“I’m looking for acrobatic, athletic actors who move well.”
3 – Females
3 – Males
1 – F/M child/young
1 – F/M adult
Sara Jacobelli, “MAKE YOUR PET A CELEBRITY” (five short one-acts), 504-655-0352
‘Each one-act is short. We can do an ensemble cast with some actors playing more than one role and changing costumes between acts. The roles of Mama Rosa, Harriet, Lance and Rutherford speak quite a bit, so they will need someone who is good at learning their lines.’

“A CHEAPER VERSION OF ROBERT DE NIRO” [Setting: the New Orleans Greyhound Station]
MAMA ROSA: female, middle aged or older, rather flamboyantly dressed (major role, lots of lines, this character talks a lot!)
LOUIE THE FISH: male, thirties, a little rough around the edges, looks Italian (has a New York/New Jersey accent or can do one) (medium role)

“NO DYING IN THE MACHINES’” [Setting: Lots-O-Suds Laundromat, Arabi]
HARRIET: female, middle aged or older, (has a true New Orleans yat accent or can do one) (major role, lots of lines)
TIFFANY: female, early twenties to early thirties, a little tough, black Harley-Davidson T-shirt and jeans type (medium role)
PANTY THIEF: male, thirties (very minor role, only a couple of lines)

“LEAPS TALL BULDINGS” [Setting: a small neighborhood library in Bywater]
BERNADINE: female, middle aged, old-fashioned librarian-type (major role, lots of lines)
MOLLY: female, twenties/thirties, young and hip, thrift shop fashions, millennial hipster type (medium role) (brightly dyed and/or multi-colored hair, tattoos, piercings would be great)
SUPERMAN: male, middle aged or older, walks a bit stooped over because he has a bad back (has a New Orleans accent or can do one) homeless, dresses in a Superman suit

“MEETING RUTHERFORD” [Setting: Good Friends Bar, French Quarter]
LANCE: male, 40ish or younger, (looks, dresses and acts younger than his age, 47) good-looking party-guy type (major role, lots of lines, this character talks a lot!)
RUTHERFORD: male, older, 60ish, silver hair, rather distinguished gentleman type, well-spoken, type who wears a seersucker suit and hat (major role, lots of lines, this character talks a lot!)
GERALD: male, could be 40s/50s (or a bit younger or older, age/looks flexible) plays the bartender, a regular guy who wears Saints T-shirts (minor role, not too many lines)
Agnes de Garron, “L’IMITATION OF LIFE” by Bruce McNally
LANA TURNER: The original Sweater Girl, Lana’s seen some hard times, but her pointy tits and various addictions have helped her to rise above them. She’s a star, larger than life, played by a man or woman or drag queen or transgender female. “L’Imitation” is Lana’s comeback and she is giving this thing all she’s got – Lana wants her Oscar.
SUZIE TURNER: Lana’s daughter, best remembered as the saccharin Sandra Dee in the ’59 movie version. Like her mother, Suzie’s “larger than life” as well. Suzie’s been playing the dutiful daughter for a hell of a lot longer than she’d care to.
ANNIE JOHNSON: The heart of our story, Annie’s an old-school, self-sacrificing black woman, a single working mother struggling in a harsh and limiting world. Annie should be one serious queen.
SARA JANE JOHNSON: Annie’s daughter, Sara Jane is tempestuous and willful, caught in the shifting winds of American racism. Sara Jane’s the real thing – a multi-racial girl who can sing – the show closes with a big musical number.
STEPHEN MARTIN: The sensitive but none-too-bright hunky love interesting Lana’s. A photographer.
DAVID EDWARDS: Famous playwright
FRANKIE: Sara Jane’s love interest, a mean white thug.

One or two actors will share the roles of Policeman, Producer, Reporter, Photographer, Americo Falluci, Nightclub Bouncer, Nightclub Dancer, Butler, Minister.