2019 Shows

All 100 Fires (Donna Oblongata, Philadelphia, PA)

Somewhere in a forest nearby, a guerrilla commander can tell you aren’t up for this.  Meanwhile, the Giant Ibis was thought to be extinct, but video reveals otherwise. Don’t ask about the taxidermy starlings. It’s a touchy subject.  “Inventive, brimming with compassion, and monstrously funny.” –Play On Milwaukee

All Borders Are Fake, All Titties Are Real: These Are Some Poems, My Hot Takes, and Feels (Rel Farrar, New Orleans)

Approximately 50% the spirited recitation of famous poetry, and 50% me, a humorous person, discussing that poetry. It is about writing, aging, and life, and why someone would even bother to memorize anything at all. Do all the poems rhyme? They don’t, but come find out for yourself!

Ask A Black Woman (Claudia Duran & Lindsey Haley, Los Angeles, CA)

What happens when a Black Woman welcomes people of different races to ask her any question they want on the streets of Los Angeles? In this solo show, Shanara “MouthPeace” Sanders takes one helluva ride responding via reenactments and her mastery of spoken word to illustrate the raw taboo aspects of her life.

Bag of Bones (Big Empty Barn Productions, New Orleans)

Plunge into a river of ghosts with this post-modern, one-man musical: a haunting tale of a man trapped in old house filled with old spirits who desperately need him to listen to their ancient tales. Bremner has delighted audiences around the world. “Fantastic. Sleazy. Stirring. Utterly memorable.” SundayTimes, London, England

Bloodborne – Unmasking The Red Death (The Mudlark Puppeteers, New Orleans)

A post-mortem of Poe’s ” Masque of the Red Death,” as witnessed from a servant’s perspective, “Bloodborne” brings its audience into a prismatic, apocalypse feast. Who is the mysterious stranger stalking amongst the revelers, striking terror in their hearts? Vital questions loom- and the servant is the soul of discretion…

Candy Cotten (Daiquiri Jones, New Orleans)

Candy Cotton debuts an afro-surrealist production merging music, puppetry, mime, spoken word, and dance to enhance a kaleidoscopic storytelling experience. Candy cotton blends theory, history, folklore, and autobiography in service of black life, in honor of black death and for love of black dreamscapes.

Clark Wade – A Jazzy Tragedy (Esquizito, New Orleans)

Musician/performer Esquizito conjures up notorious characters of “The District” in an adaptation of a Danny Barker (1909-1994) tale from The Last Days of Storyville. Interpreting Barker’s “lies embellished with truth,” Esquizito makes New Orleans’ redlight district and the birth of Jazz come alive. He is happy to bring this rare work home for his InFringe debut.

Do You See What I Hear?  (Strange Fangs, Pine Bush, NY)

A dramatic conversation between music and spoken word, hailed as “Incredibly modern and inventive” by Edinburgh Guide. Internationally acclaimed composer James Wright Glasgow performs groundbreaking music he has composed for the new poems of Mario Moroni (winner of the Lorenzo Montano Poetry Prize) as Moroni recites.

Drift (The Corrijeune Collective, New Orleans)

Deeply hidden in the dimension called Corrijeune there is an eternal ritual taking place. Please join us as the weavers of change keep in motion a perpetual tectonic quiver.

DRIFT is a surrealist work of dance theatre featuring live music and multimedia sensory delights.

Eat Me (Jen Pagan, New Orleans)

A sensual exploration of food, sex and how they connect us. Our hostess unveils a recipe for pleasure, comfort and the ultimate ‘food-gasm’. Through salacious stories, peppered with projected scenes from the most sensually delicious food films, Eat Me will leave much more than your mouth watering.

Get a Smaller Glass: Musings on Life & Happiness (Joseph Furnari, New Orleans)

Is the pursuit of happiness just a fruitless endeavor or an absurd tease? Why is my glass always either half full or half empty? Maybe if I had a smaller glass!? Am I only deluding myself? How do I discover this illusive happiness?  

How To Eat A Bear (Luke Balagia & Mack Stine, Orlando, FL)

Join Dave and Mark as they embark on an idiotic quest to eat a delicious and dangerous new meat: bear. Will their cravings be satisfied? Or will they bite off more than they can chew? An off the wall, darkish comedy written and directed by Luke Balagia and Mack Stine. An Orlando Fringe audience favorite!

Immaculation (Vincent Cacialano & Jeffrey Gunshol, New Orleans)

After the success of their album “Erotic Lifestyle”, Fatitja and Leetowhakey, aka Cucci, stars of Jaws the Musical, Fatituelle and the Omen 2 spin off “Don’t Make Me Crow You”, return after 12 years in their video and show “Immaculation”, from their new album “Sexplanation”.

LARRY (Candy Bones Theatre Vancouver, BC)

LARRY wants to prove that he can be “woke” enough for an empowered woman of his desires, but in a moment of accidental transcendence, uncovers a startling surprise in his psyche. A complex, daring and hilarious portrait of a hoser’s foray into feminism.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A masterful, weird, poignant, gut-busting, vulnerable, and thought-provoking tour de force!”- Cincinnati Fringe

Late Night Puppet Show Double Feature(Toybox Theatre & Edwin Salas, Candler, NC):

America’s Favorite Cartoon Witch

Hilarious and touching vignettes drawn from a variety of sources, including children’s stories and personal life tales.

Frijolito vs The Orange Monster

A modern retelling of a classic Punch & Judy tale, with a Mexican twist. Follow Frijolito as he deals with issues of racism and bigotry in America.

Love Songs For The End of the World (Caroline Fourmy, New Orleans)

From breakdown to breakthrough, Biblical Eve tells her side of the story in this original raw musical comedy. For what is the end of the world as we know it but simply a shift in consciousness?

Mary Full of Gray (Brittany N. Williams, New Orleans)

Mary Jane Bowser was a spy, Mary Jane Henley was a liar, but, most of all, Mary Jane Richards was an actress. Now, this essential figure of the American Civil War tells us who she is in her own words. Somewhere between the lies and the truth is something real.

Mu(s)hi (Ryuta Iwashita, New Orleans)

An immersive dance performance piece that embodies a phenomenon of a linguistic Gestaltzerfall experienced by a Japanese protagonist who is a non-native English speaker living in the Deep South. As a Gestaltzerfall suggests a sense of decomposition in meaning and complexity, the protagonist recreates a somatic language to sustain their improvisational relationship with their ancestors as they deliberately blur the wall between them and spectators.

The Nix (Lisa Pasold, New Orleans)

THE NIX: an outdoor site-specific story-telling walk by Lisa Pasold, created for the streets of the Marigny. What if one night you meet a spirit with impeccable manners wearing an old-fashioned tuxedo, who asks for one teeny little favor… “Pasold successfully casts a spell over her audience.” New Orleans Defender

Our Unmentionables (Artivism Dance Theatre, New Orleans)

In a world where our whole lives are made public, what do we not talk about and why? This production delves into taboo and shamed subjects in our society and brings them to light. We speak from a personal standpoint; telling our own stories to start a much larger conversation.

Out of Sync (CC Falcon, New Orleans)

An unexpected tip from a sexy stranger leaves a group of resident New Orleans Drag Queens with voices that are no longer their own. Lip synching takes on a whole new dimension as each Queen explores what it means to lose their voice and have to reinvent their lives.

Personal Space (Ben Fox, New Orleans)

After a one-night stand ends in a meteorite crash that destroys his flat, expatriate Johnny Doodle-Dandy’s life doesn’t explode. It supernovas! The meteorite decapitates his neighbor who haunts him with a mysterious message from the end of the universe as he dodges pop stars, prime ministers and eccentric environmental groups.

R&B: A Night of Synsuality (Synamin Vixen, New Orleans)

R+B is a night that celebrates the diversity of sensuality by highlighting music of the African Diaspora. R+B encompasses four main themes: Royal + Burlesque, Rhythm + Burlesque, Reggae + Burlesque, and Ratchet + Burlesque. Each night will be different, and will feature burlesque and some surprise performances from Synamin Vixen and friends!

Shitfarmer (Toybox Theatre, Candler, NC)

A tale of gods and monsters. Follow the trials and tribulations of a lowly custodian, as he is lorded over by ominous oppressors, until one day he is met by a mysterious stranger and given a gift. Told thru the use of various puppetry styles.

Run time 45 minutes.

Stangela For President (Rochelle McConico, New Orleans)

Stangela Angela Hemsworth Kingsley Winthrop Farrouk Adams III was destined for greatness. After a run-in with the law forces her to perform community service, she finds her true calling – President. Armed with flawed logic, a team of felons, and celebrity gossip, Stangela mounts her “serious” bid for the White House.

Unbridled & Unbossed (No Lye Comedy, New Orleans)

Respectable. Responsible. Thick but fit. These are just some of the expectations put upon black women daily. In ‘Unbridled & Unbossed’, a cast of all black women performers shred these expectations as they shed their clothes and bare their souls through comedic monologues and burlesque. Produced by No Lye Comedy.

Unholy Matrimony (Flutterbug & Scribbles The Clown, New Orleans)

You are cordially invited to Beelzebub’s unholy wedding reception. We look forward to entertaining your wicked delights with rituals, puppets, and pagan enchantments. Feel free to come dressed in costume. Sincerely Flutterbug and Scribbles.

Wear & Tear (The Back Pack, Austin, TX)

A movement-based comedy extravaganza combining non-spoken performance, music, dance, and media. The group’s imaginative style has been described as: a live action cartoon, unmatched in its cleverness, and pure entertainment that will leave you with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

Welcome Here (Intramural Theater, New Orleans)

Faced with the arrival of a strange, foreign life form and its unprecedented spread, a misfit group of neighbors must decide what to do about their mutating landscape. This original devised piece touches on themes of nativeness and nature, using puppetry, acrobatics and sculpture to frame an immersive performance.

Ye Olde Break-Fast Guild (Non-Prophet Theatre, New Orleans)

Yeah, the NonProphets-South (MONTANA, CORLEONE, PULP SHAKESPEARE, SHAKESPEARE TEEVEE) are back – with Ye Olde Break-Fast Guild, a reboot of the classic John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club, as if written by the Bard himself! Watch The Brain, The Athlete, The Princess, The Basket Case and the Criminal battle it out in iambic pentameter!