2018 Lineup

The 2018 #InFringeFest Shows

This is what #InFringe2018 has on offer
To the left: Our 2018 Infringe Fest New Orleans poster design. Original artwork by Mardiclawwww.mardiclaw.com.


GUMP: With Your Pal, Charlie Davis [NeoFuturistic pop storytelling]

I Just Came Here for the Snacks:A Political Comedy, Rochelle the Comic [three acts around the food table]
The MOMologues, Margeaux Fanning of 2Duxx [the mother of all stories]
PerVirgin, Nkechi Chibueze [adventures of a super-virgin]
Shakespeare Teevee, Robert Alan Mitchell, NonProphets South [channel-surfing the classics in iambic pentameter]
What Might Work, Jen Scott & Casey Haeg [situational ridiculousness] from Minneapolis


Loose Hellfire, Lefty Lucy & Tsarina Magalena Hellfire [Dean Martin Show by way of punk vaudeville]
A Pirate Revenge Salon, Stanley Roy [Pirate Jenny returns in frills, chills, blood & glitter]
Cacotopia: A burlesque love letter to prophets, Honey Tangerine [speculative fiction burlesque]
MOVED, Picolla Tushy Presents The Bluestockings [poets and burlesque queens pair off]
Sold Out: The Vincent Vile Show, Alexander Cardosi [the post-Apocalyptic mad scientist returns with his puppets]
Tales from the Singeasy Speakeasy, Ed Demirer, The Hummingbirds [the Mob confronts a barbershop quartet after the Godmother dies]
Twin Peeks: A Black Lodge vs White Lodge Burlesque, Reverend Spooky Lestrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls [Lynch and Fellini collaborate in pasties]


13 Years in A Capella: A Memoir Musical, MJ Gaudet [Katrina in song from childhood on]
Rose Petals and Ashes, Bill Berry [fast-paced picaresque, ten new songs] from Glendale


Curie Me Away! Sadie Bowman of Matheatre [radioactive musical] from Minneapolis
Ghost of a Chance, Taylor Ott & Danielle Small of Below Sea Level [Sam may be imagining her Gabe, and she may not]
Life After Death, Ace Denison of Starlite Starbrite & Jeff Mattsson [camp horror rock opera, with zombies]


Bread Line! A Russian Clown Show, Christopher Bange [crazy baggypants headed for Moscow] from Seattle
Larry, Candy R. Roberts [hoser’s genderbending journey into feminism] from Vancouver
Operation #1: Living Without Memories, Glenna Broderick and the Circus Intelligence Agency [“In walls of tissue and windows of twine/Three spirits collide in broken time”]
The ScabiestheClown Show, Brian J Lilly [silent straitjacket escape act]


Gerkasia, Janine Robledo [welcome to the magical land of Gerkasia! where you can have anything…except the thing you want]
Human Troubles, Mariana Santiago [kids today]
Institutionally Aggravated, Brian Paul Patrick Moore of Xavier Performance Studies Lab [Bayard Rustin and Brendan Behan in devised debate]
The Key, Rob Florence & Joyce Deal [hopped-up Christian solder tangles with the spirit of Marie Laveau, from real to surreal]
L’Imitation of Life, Agnes de Garron & Bruce McNally [Douglas Sirk lives! With a campier sense of humor]
Little Tickles, Natalie Kratochvil & Christopher Bentivegna [Carla helps Nika get through her dark-comedy bad date]
Make Your Pet a Celebrity and Four Short Plays, Sara Jacobelli [full-range comedy & drama]
Sex Partners in Crime, Jon Broder & Rockfire Theatre [Sex. Love. Murder. It’s a new gay romcom!]
Take Down the Letters, Sue Schleifer [3 women, 3 generations. Letters in the closet] from Lafayette
The Women of Paris: The Secrets of Mata Hari, P.K. Smith [one-act ceremony, with dance, about the women who made Paris Paris] from New York City
Wow Wee 2! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot, IRTE [family life after the Apocalypse, improvised 80s-sitcom style] from New York City


A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch, Celeste Cahn [tomboy decides to skip the princess part]
Adult Tea Party, Mason Joiner [invisible liquor drunk with tiny stuffed animals]
The Bachelor in New Orleans, Richard Mayer [the 1920s bon vivant returns]
The Devil on the Wall, or That Time I Got Kidnapped, Jamie Campbell [seriocomic life on the lam] from Kansas City
Get a Smaller Glass, Joseph Furnari of Foolz Paradise [if your glass is half empty…]
I Think I’m Dead, Al Lafrance [insomnia and the multiverse] from Montreal
Knifeslingin’, Jeremy Motz [comic self-defense lessons] from Minneapolis
Pass the Bitters, Dennis Monn [reflections of a queer bar owner]
The Shadow Merchant, Ratty Scurvics [a tale of suicidal unicorns, orphans and, yes, wizardry]
The Southern Decadent, Kathleen Conlon [the French Quarter in the 80s, through a glass intimate]
Southern Jack: A Profession for the Privileged, Dale Buckley [comic monologue; a working-class writer/actor rises through society]
This Is Not a Test, Amy Woodruff :: Louisiana Artist [a ranger discovers danger in the forest]
Trigger Warning: The Play About the Baby, Diana E.H. Shortes [stalwart journey to freedom]


Aggressively Vulnerable Choreographed, Jonathan Brown & Rachel Miller [poetry you can dance to]
From the Sublime to
the Ridiculous, Cara Harker [physical theatre exploring the modern preposterous] from Jonesborough
If you’re not a myth, whose reality are you? Tim Adams & Maria Sandhammer [a mother goddess and her son]
Invocation, Erik Bosse & Laurie Rae Dietrich [60 pieces of flash fiction]
Oui We, Anthony Howard [multimedia diptych: Do Not Touch the Artist]
PhaseShifter, Michelle Embree & Ladybabymiss [heroine Mercury traverses the queer-teen futurescape]


Doctor Tanzler and the Girl Whose Name Was Miracle, The Mudlark Puppeteers [the old doctor haunted by love finds macabre romance]
Flutterbug Clown Puppet Ritual, Lana Guerra [experimental clown puppet ritual gone wrong]


Circus Tales, Mimi Ayers of UNO Playwrights [ while the people are away or asleep, the animals unite outside their cages]
Cosmic Story Time with Ms Cara and Rocket Science Ryan [full-body playtime]
Dear World, Joannie Hughes & Layaya [real letters from children]
Story Time with Friends Near, Adella Adella the Storyteller and Amber Zu the Conductor [enchanting folklore in story and song]


Overheard at Joe’s/New Orleans, Vatican Lokey with Dutch American Entertainment and Tilted Windmills [interactive barroom eavesdropping theatre]
Shakesbeer: Romeo & Juliet, Goat in the Road Productions, Mark Routhier [interactive doomed barroom romance]