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Be in Touch, Lofty Productions
Planet New Orleans is in peril. Addie is unprepared to confront the strange new species inhabiting her world. Was she gone too long? Can she  rescue a semblance of normalcy? A new play by Mary Jacobs. PLAYHOUSE

 Detours, Jessica Bordelon
James and Janelle just want to get each other’s attention. Instead of the direct approach, they take a roller coaster ride, learning that detours lead to all kinds of chaos. New romantic comedy with live music. PARADISE

Frank, Starlite Starbrite
Love can be exhausting, especially when one of you is a disaffected pregnant goth femme fatale; the other, a green man-beast with protruding electrodes. Written & directed by Ace Denison. HAPPYLAND

Gumbo Monster Presents: The Reunion
A stage prequel about a tight group, friends since high school, and the things they try to forget. A new one-act by Lawrence Weber. PARADISE

Insomnia Café, See Em On Stage
Crazed “Friends” fans go to extremes for a carbon-copy lifestyle of their favorite sitcom. Will kidnapping a Chandler lookalike be enough to live out the dream? A violently funny case of sitcomphilia; written by Breanna Bietz, directed by Christopher Bentivegna PLAYHOUSE

The Last Orders, Nicole Himel
Dale Buckley explores faith through culture and consumerism, with Jesus, Little Red Riding Hood, the Easter Bunny, a Ninja, the Narrator and, offstage yet all around us, God. UNITED BAKERY

The Week, Blunt Objects Theatre
Barry Eitel’s audience favorite, an apocalyptic comedy about a twentysomething getting his life together just as the world falls apart. Looking for love in all the doomed places. Directed by Bohrs Hoff. LUSHINGTON


Synesthetics, Cobbleslop Group
A young man draped in a blanket of mirrors submerges into his own mind, where cardboard people hobble across a stage, and personified letters offer observations on how someone who does not understand metaphor can lead a happy and fulfilling life. LUSHINGTON


Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Chicanas Cholas y Chisme [LA]
Seven original short plays from the CCyC’s annual new-works festival, performed with the intent of bringing healing to our shared but private dramas. ART KLUB

Out, Logan Faust
Two men enter from opposite directions, meeting at identical doors. They know the “rules”: one man to a door; one leading somewhere “very, very good,” the other somewhere “very, very bad.” They wrestle with limited decisions: Who enters which; how to choose? Written & directed by Logan Faust. UNITED BAKERY

Splash Sponge Dark and Hidden Away,

written Timothy Adams, directed Christopher Givens
1, 2 and 3 come alive, suddenly, all at once, in bathtubs, with and without water, then feel underneath to find out what might be here or above. LUSHINGTON


Ancient Jake, Mason Joiner
James Patrick performs Joiner’s monologue. 220-year-old Jake Bullock tells his life story. What is the value of anonymity? Does time change us? LUSHINGTON

@jerseyarnie42, Joseph Furnari
Arnie DiCicco walked out of life, withdrawing to his living room. Obsessive but frightened of isolation, he blogs, texts, and tweets, raving about the lurkting world. But with a storm approaching, Arnie is about to be disconnected. Directed by Garrett Prejean. PARADISE

Moon Cove, Amy Woodruff
An expanded fictional ghost story about Woodruff’s non-fictional Acadian ancestors on the Cajun prairie. Solo performance, multimedia, handmade objects and garments weave a “hushed, haunting tale…[that] alters your mood for the rest of the evening.” GARRET

Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead, NonProphet South
TOO much information, TOO much distraction, TOO much noise.. The ten men in these scathing monologues by Eric Bogosian want to pound themselves through that.. to get to one clear thought. Except they are all ONE man. Robert A. Mitchell. UNITED BAKERY

Ruby’s Big Birthday, Reese Johanson Collective
Drinking, cake, party games, fun for all. The best day of Ruby’s life unfurls in a wild mid-life crisis, told through dance, performance & party favors. ART KLUB

Shoebox Lounge, Jen Pagan
Pagan’s tour de force, a wild ride of booze, pumps, and heartbreak. “A gifted monologist crafting stories with a flowing, inherently poetic language…sharp humor, intelligent insight, and sympathetic heart.” GARRET

White Sauce and Diaper Babies, Diana E.H. Shortes
This intellectual but sultry dark comedy employs movement, verbatim text, and ambient sound to explore the emotional and psychological complexities of the great poet Anne Sexton. “A woman…a typewriter…a big knife…and a HUGE jar of peanut butter.” GARRET

Wit & Wrath: The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker, Claudia Baumgarten
“I lost my virginity for fear of seeming rude.” The famously acerbic writer’s life is explored, by her reflections of Hollywood, men, politics, and American society from the Jazz Age into the ‘50s. GARRET


A Moosterious Eggscapade

A farm-fresh mystery. Dance, music, acrobats, aerial arts, and beaucoup fun. With Luke, The Cornstalkers, Narty, Frenchie, Bobcat, Santangelo, goats from Y’herd Me, The Chuckleheads. HAPPYLAND

Our Modern World, Annie Barry
Obsessed with famous brands, internet likes, terrible role models (like vapid actress Clara Clayton) Vaye, Georgie, Mixie and Trixie struggle for the attention of the most beautiful boy in class, as the world fills up with litter. Then a storm floods the town, and Vaye sees the ramifications of Our Modern World. PLAYHOUSE


The Betty Mae Loves Dick Show, Dream Pierre!
Septuagenarian Betty Mae leads The Way Off Broadway Players through a fast-paced evening, satiric and slightly vulgar. PLAYHOUSE

Game of (Micro)Phones, written by Samantha Hubbs

A musical parody tour through the last season of GoT. Explore Westeros as never before! ISTANBUL

Live Girls Comedy Hour, Live Girls!
An energetic, dramatic comedy group formed by four women of TNM. Deep laughs and happy tears, vibrant characters and chutzpah. With some of their favorite funny ladies from across the city. PLAYHOUSE

Who Is Young Funny?  We Are Young Funny
A special edition of this new sketch comedy troupe’s side-splitting show. BAR REDUX


Devil is at the Door, Tsarina Hellfire and Dark Fantasy
A slow extra-sensual dismantle of Fantasy, into a rigid nightmare. Songs and a story about the dark side of the Muses and their inspiration. ISTANBUL

Getting Off with the Races, The Bluestockings
Inspired by the Kentucky Derby. Contestants vie in team events, relays, and individual performances for the Triple Garter. Race organizer, Honey Tangerine. Wear your Sunday best and  biggest hats! BAR REDUX


Divulgence, Possible Side Effects
Mykah Fontenot & Jamie Neumann share confidences, in intimate dance theatre vignettes. ART KLUB

 EROTIC /va.ri.e.ty/CABARET
Anais St John, Reby Rae, Claudia Baumgarten, Donald Lewis, Blu Reine, and Betty Cropper & The Dromicidal Maniacs. Hosted by The Baroness & Jen Pagan, with DJ Fayard. ALLWAYS

Harlequeen Nights, Vinsantos
The Macabre Snob and self-professed Harlequeen, Vinsantos, looks back at 20-plus years on the stage  a series of one-acts told through music, drag, storytelling. BYOBB: Bring Your Own Body Bag. ALLWAYS


Are We Done Yet?, MadHaPPy [Pensacola]
Rivka & Mike iLL Kilmer deliver Faitheism like you’ve never known it before. A real-live Temple of Wow ritual, incorporating philosophy, sexuality, chanting, magical tinctures, and  accordion. HAPPYLAND

Sheena: An American Tragedy,

Mariana Santiago and Peter Canavello
A neo-feminist horror rock opera tells the tale of a misandrist serial killer. When Sheena learns her sister is straight, she goes on a mission to make a Frankenstein monster: a perfect, safe man for  sis. PARADISE