A GOD CALLED BITCH by Candace Robertson – To be black and a woman is to struggle to be seen as a human being. Her grandmother, mother, and child have seen and heard and commiserate. Although they are indestructible, they do not deserve to be tested. No one deserves disdain because they are proud, or discipline because they speak up now.

THE WAKE UP CALL by Cameron-Mitchell Ware – Dalton Kirk wields an online power most would kill for. For him, persuasion, currency and successfully manipulating the truth means, like, virtually everything. The Wake-Up Call blends cinematic vignettes, dance, and a robust acoustic environment to shed light on the complex inner workings of every man’s desire for self-triumph.

SPEAK EASY by Obediya Jones-Darrell – Recently unemployed, Bernard drowns his sorrows at the “Speak Easy” when a mysterious guest shakes up a normal night at the bar. Bernard is faced with a tough decision; what is he willing to sacrifice to succeed? Set presently, Speak Easy examines the struggles of the average working person, the entrepreneurial spirit, and what success truly means.